if dreams were lightning & thunder was desire, this old house would have burnt down a long time ago.

I posted pictures of phase one of going blonde on my myspace:


saturday is phase 2- i have an appointment with Antonia at Arrojo Studio (should sound familiar to those What Not To Wear fans!). I'll post more pictures afterwards!

also, you can see how gigantic my puppy has gotten in the last 5 months. It's unbelievable.

tonight is my first ever death cab concert.
its going to be 106 degrees out.
and i don't mind a bit. i will enjoy it with all of my body, including my....
(i miss my spring arbor pals. sigh.)

last night it was so hot in our bedroom that dan and i slept in our skivvs with our heads at the foot of the bed to be closer to the fan.
i use the term "slept" loosely- it was more of a light doze, drifting in and out of heat-induced nightmares.
dan awoke me mid-doze and asked me to switch spots with him, because every time he closed his eyes he pictured a man in a mask hiding in our office (on his side of the bed) and he couldn't fall asleep because he was scared- errr, uneasy, we'll say.
so he threw me to the wolves and made me sleep on the dangerous side. thanks, honey. i always said i wanted to die first, but i didn't mean at 23. sheesh.
just kidding, it was all very precious and i wasn't scared a bit. though i did get up and make sure the door to the hallway was locked, haha.

kate brackney and jow from CANADA move into the apartment below us today.
this is going to be so great.

also, our kitty cat might be preggers, as dan mentioned in his post.
i'll keep you posted.