if dreams were lightning & thunder was desire, this old house would have burnt down a long time ago.

Today was my last day of work for the Criscuoli family.

We spent the afternoon at the sprinkler park and my tan approached levels i've never known possible for a pasty little dutch girl. I am so pleased!

Goodbye was awkward and hurried, but oh well. I've never been good at that.

So this weekend is my "fresh start" weekend.

When I got home I got to work cleaning.
I took out all the trash and sorted out all the recyclables, leaving them in the hallway for Dan to take down (which he did, and then mopped the hallway and made it sparkle- thanks hunbun!)

I swept and mopped the floors and bleached and scrubbed the hell out of them until they sparkled white (or ivory, because it's ivory tile). Hopefully no more animals will feel the desire to do what comes natch'erly on my clean floors, or they'll find themselves being shipped to the glue factory.

I scrubbed down the stove and the window sills and even the walls.

I cleaned out the fridge and organized all of our cabinets.

...and then I went grocery shopping and bought enough food to stock the entire kitchen. I LOVE coming home frm grocery shopping and unpacking them all into their proper places, and then standing back at how full and organized everything looks. We havent had the money to go full-on grocery shopping in a couple months, just enough to fill in the holes. But I got paid today and Dan gets paid tomorrow and I am starting a new job with a gigantic pay increase- so I went nuts and bought everything I thought we could possibly need.

Our good friends Kate and Joe moved in downstairs yesterday (Brackney and Scott, in case you know them, Quillen). I am so. excited. to. have. them. here.
Kate came grocery shopping with me, and she's downstairs making stuffed shells and garlic bread for all of us for dinner tonight because I cut her hair earlier.
Dan and Joe are at Home Depot, buyin' stuff and bein' dudely.
Kate and Joe even have 2 dogs that are Steve's new best friends.
We are couple-friends made in heaven. It's incredible.
Last night we sat on the roof and talked until midnight (wayyyy past my bedtime) whi,e watching the skyline and filling each other in on our lives and the move and city life.

This is really so terrific, and much needed for Dan and myself. I'm so happy.

Tomorrow is new hair day (YES, TOTALLY FUN), and we have a dresser getting delivered so we can finally organize the bedroom. When I get home I'm going to do that straightaway, and then work on cleaning the other rooms as thoroughly as I did the kitchen. We have a couple that Dan knows staying with us next week, and I want to demonstrate my amazing wifeliness.
Plus I dont want to have to clean again for a long time, as I'll be working my tail off with my new job.
Also, with Kate and Joe moving in, their place is all clean and organized, and I have home-envy. Dan and I will be shopping for plenty of organizational-type things this weekend so the place doesnt look quite so...overstuffed. I think cluttered homes are cozy, but I'm more one for organized chaos.

I'm really excited about this weekend.

Everyone come visit soon. I'm so damn proud of this home.