if dreams were lightning & thunder was desire, this old house would have burnt down a long time ago.

I've been so ridiculously busy with my new job that I haven't had time to do much else besides drool and stare at a buzzing tv screen once I finally get home.

It's going well- rather, every time I think I'm ready to scream, I get paid, and it all feels much more worth it.

My boss is phenomenal. She's so caring with her children and really takes great measures to make sure that I'm happy with my job and feel at home with their family.
The baby is a delight, he mostly just cuddles and sucks on a bottle. The older brother is very very high energy, which is exhausting, but with the exception of a few two-year-old antics, is relatively well-behaved. The only problem I have with him is that he does everything in hi-gear...he's IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with, especially when there's a 20 pound baby strapped to my chest. Whew.

Our routine goes a bit like this:
I arrive at 8am and dad goes back to sleep.
I give Max his breakfast in his high chair with Sesame Street on the tv to keep his attention focused in one place. Otherwise food gets thrown and feet go kicking like the blades of a propeller.
I give Micah his bottle while sitting in the armchair, and give him his baby food when he's strapped into his baby chair.
While the boys are trapped, I pack the diaper bag and eat my own breakfast.
At some point here, Cora or Caitlin arrive to take Max on an outing- the playground, the library, a class, what have you.
These ae the babysitters my boss has hired to help make my job easier and keep me from wanting to quit. They do a great job, and I adore both of them.
So they take Max, and I am free to play with Micah and straighten up after breakfast.
Sometimes I can watch a little TV if the baby falls asleep, or sometimes we take a walk to starbucks and he dozes in his stroller while I knit by the bridge.
We all meet back up at the apartment to make lunch.
More Sesame Street to prevent mishaps while Max is in his high chair.
After lunch is naptime- if I keep him awake until 12:30 or so, I can get a good 3 hours of nap time out of Max. Micah will doze here and there during this time, so it's still relatively relaxing.
After nap (around 3 or 3:30) I give Max a snack and strap both boys into their stroller for another outing. Many times is the park or a play date with another kiddo, so I have someone else to talk to.
We come back at 5 for dinner time and a bath. Mom or dad come home around 6.

And I'm free.

And exhausted.

But I really like what i do.

My boss also just told me that the family is going to be taking a few vacations this summer so I'll be getting a lot of (PAID!!!) time off, but I'll need to be flexible with them in the meantime and be willing to do some evening and weekend stuff before they leave to kind of make up some of those hours. That's fine with me, because they already told me theyd give me a two hour break in the evening to have dinner with Dan or something, and then he and I can come back to work together and watch movies after the kids fall asleep. Not a bad deal.

So that's the update.

In other news- our Michigan wedding reception was a SMASHING success. I had so much fun!! I didn't get to see Dan at all though- we were far too busy mingling with everyone. We only got to steal smooches during some pictures that people wanted to take. Other than that, I had to gaze at him longingly over 120 heads and a horseshoe pit.
I'll post some pictures soon.

I've made my foray into baking.
I baked a strawberry cream pie for our 4th of July part that turned out fantastic, and I have a batch of chocolate chip scones in the oven right now that smell delightful, as well as some katie-made devonshire cotted cream in the fridge to smear on them when they cool.

My secret to baking: clean as you go, and make sure your husband doesn't mind doing dishes. ;)