if dreams were lightning & thunder was desire, this old house would have burnt down a long time ago.

i love how every time i tell max to do something, i turn it into a song.
one of these days i'm going to go home to dan and start singing "wash, wash, wash the dishes...wash, wash, wash the dishes!" on accident, and i will find myself turned out onto the streets of brooklyn with nothing but a bottle of palmolive.

i also love how when i do sing these songs, Max is there to follow up my big finale with a giant "YAAAAYYYY!!!" and claps, to let me know i did a good job singing, like i do for him.

today i'm having a much more positive day than the ones i've been having in the past.

last night i stopped by my friend rachel's house to pick up two entire bags of handmedowns she had for me. i. love. handmedowns. especially hers. and my boss's.
almost all of the amazing sweaters i now own, and now two coats (complete with toggles and hoods!), have come from one of the two of these super-generous ladies.

so today i am sporting a lime green crewneck sweater that looks like something people tie around their shoulders in cape cod to play tennis or drink tea or whatever it is rich people do (lord knows i have NO idea.)
something about this bright color has brightened my spirits significantly.

also, i got new jeans this weekend.
one pair from target for 30 bucks, that are straight cut and high-waisted (think belly button, aka audrey hepburn style) and indigo wash.
the other i got for 15 bucks at daffy's and are my new favorite pair of jeans EVER.
so, feeling fabulous (and skinny!) definitely helps make my days sweeter.

now let's just see if it makes work go by faster...fingers crossed!

in other news, i'm ridiculously excited about this weekends Souperbowl Party.
Can't wait to post pictures! Just need to find myself a Cardinals tshirt. hmm...