if dreams were lightning & thunder was desire, this old house would have burnt down a long time ago.

i'm such a bad eater.

seriously, if it's healthy, i probably hate it.

well, that's changing, now that my waistline is starting to reflect my choices.
i lost a LOT of weight after college, going from a size 14 to a size 4.
i wanna stay a size 4, and maybe ever shimmy into a 2 one of these days, and that just won't happen if i don't kick some of these horrible habits.

so here we go.
i'm going to be one cranky lady over the next few weeks, but this summer i'll feel fantastic, and it will all be worth it.

today, i had a cup of coffee around 8 (with half and half...i have no idea how to kick this! i hate coffee any other way, and i don't know how to function without coffee...eep). around noon i had a yogurt parfait from starbucks. it was incredible. i also had a grande soy chai latte. then around 4 i had a roll of sushi- california roll, and some kettle corn.

for dinner tonight, ill be having a burrito with rice, black beans, cheese, and salsa, in a corn tortilla. i probably wont eat the whole thing, because they're huge. i'm going to eat half of it, and save the rest for lunch tomorrow.

i'm trying to keep track of the things i put in my mouth, because i have a bad habit of lazy eating, and i dont pay attentiont o everything that goes into the black hole that is my mouth.

starting tomorrow-
no more kettle corn or drippy, buttery popcorn (sob! but i can make my own with olive oil and sea salt. its quite amazing). no more sour cream, guacamole, etc. i will continue to eat cheese, because i'll die without it.
i'll start getting margarine on my bagel in the mornings instead of butter.
when i'm hungry, i'll snack on granola or dried cranberries (FAVORITE!!) instead of chips and cookies and pizza.

and i need to drink lots and lots of water. lots.

this is not at all exciting.
im going grocery shopping this weekend...and it will be bleak.

on the bright side, husbear is on a diet with me. and hungrygirl has some awesome tips for situations just like this. and i have good friends who have come a long way with me on the scales and are amazing at keeping it off. i just need to surround myself with those people.
i can now save money on subway fare (they just raised the fare from 81 to 103 per month. ouch.) AND burn calories every day by riding to and from work!
there she is.
my beautiful Billie.
she arrives tonight.


  1. john & kristin. on April 3, 2009 at 4:38 PM

    can i surround you, too? i have been inspired by your major weightloss (is that offensive?) and i need some guidance on how to do it...i have always been active but i lack the knowledge of my body on what to do to get those last 10, now 15, pounds off...call me so we can talk healthy, please!!!?/????? 517.936.8304

  2. DomestiKatie. on April 3, 2009 at 4:53 PM

    krit, you have no idea how much this comment means to me.

    i lost a total of nearly 60 pounds over the span of a year...

    i'll be honest, dear. i have no idea how i did it. i tried every program, and it seemed like the more i paid attention to what i was eating (or rather, NOT eating) the more i gained.
    so i just...accepted my body type for what it was, and started to just think before i ate.

    i will say that marrying a vegetarian helped! haha
    although, i have gained about 10 of those pounds back this winter, and it's stressing me out, hence this blog. i'm very conscious of where i could end up one day, if i dont make wise choices.

    my newest guideline for eating comes from the book "In Defense of Food", basically stating this: 'eat food. not too much. mostly plants.'
    now, i'm bad bad BAD at eating veggies, but im working on it.
    until then, i basically judge what i eat by whether or not it grows.

    doughnuts do not grow.
    pizza does not grow.
    apples grow.
    oats grow.
    broccoli grows. etc.

    i let myself choose a few things i cannot live without, like cream in my coffee, and the occasional snickers bar (emphasis on occasional). i never, ever order french fries with my meal...unless it's at mcdonald's, but that's okay because i never, ever eat at mcdonalds! haha.

    moving to NYC did wonders for my activity level. i walk everywhere, miles a day. and i climb so. many. stairs. i live on the top floor of my 4 story building. i take the subway every day.
    you said you're pretty active, so thats not the concern, obviously.

    but the food is all about watching the garnishes and embellishments, and putting things in your body that will contribute to it's well-being instead of your thighs, haha. and also, not denying yourself the occasional treat. (i love to bake, so cupcakes are frequently adorning my countertop.)

    i know you and john like to cook- hungrygirl.com will send you a daily email with yummy recipes that are super lowcal and taste just as delicious as the bad stuff.

    we can talk more when i call you! i have tons of healthy cooking ideas and replacement things.
    it'll SO AMAZING to hear your voice. :)