if dreams were lightning & thunder was desire, this old house would have burnt down a long time ago.

So on Saturday, after I came home from my last day at the salon (which I ended up not having to work), I cleaned the HECK out of our apartment.
Uusually I just do a surface clean, or a "straightening up", and somehow it's messy again an hour later. This is infuriating to me.
But we got our new tv delivered- a 42" flat screen HDTV...and it is a beauty, let me tell you- and I wanted our house to look like it deserved such a luxury.
So I dusted and swept and windexed and organized and rearranged and made our home look better than it has since we moved in in November. We also bought some more candles and placed them all over the living room, and opened all the windows so it spells like fresh spring air instead of puppy breath and sleep.
I am so happy with how clean it is- and here's the best part: IT'S STILL CLEAN.
Dan and I have made been making a conscious effort to put our shoes in the hall closet and our laundry in the hamper and wash every dish when we use it and not let any clutter even hit the coffee table or the end tables. And it has been so easy, and the house still looks fabulous. 4 days and counting, haha...
Erin- you know how big of a deal this is for me, as you had to live with me and my absurd messiness.

Tonight I have to dust and sweep again just to keep ahead of the game, and we really need to do laundry. I usually don't mind doing laundry, but I'm so sick of dragging all of our clothes down 3 flights of stairs and then 3 blocks to the laundromat to wait for a big enough machine, blah blah blah. I just like the smell of clean laundry when I'm folding it.

I woke up in the middle of the night because Dan had been sleeping fitfully, thanks to our witch of a kitten running laps around the bedroom at 2am. This means across our faces and over our legs and onto the dresser and up on the window sill, etc. When he got up to lock her in the bathroom, she got away from him and took off into the living room, where she ran on the walls practically, knocking everything over (INCLUDING dan's macbook!) in her wake. I have never seen such an angry bear of a husband. Whoa. He was yelling and cursing at her and trying to catch her, and she put up such a fight when he finally did. I was afraid she was going to lose her tail, or he an eye.
Of course, the dog woke up because of the commotion, and WOULD NOT go back to sleep. He kept stirring at the foot of the bed and pacing around and stepping on us and chewing the blankets...and Dan was already furious with not being able to sleep, so he kept sitting up to yell at the dog to go to sleep, which wasn't working (obviously, because dogs dont understand english). We finally had to put the pup in his cage for the night...but then he couldnt stop fidgeting and his nails were skittering all over the plastic floor, and I could feel Dan's heartbeat racing against my back, and he was actually letting out a low growl. My house is full of animals.
So Steve finally falls asleep..and of course the FERRETS start to chime in by scratching on their water bottle and rattling the cage. By now it's like 4am. I'm exhausted and emotional, and Dan is infuriated and so weary, and we're both just desperate to fall back asleep.
Somehow we do.

And then I wake up. Again.

Dan and I always sleep on our right sides, with him as the big spoon and me as the little. His right arm extends out and fits perfectly under the crook of my neck, and i hold that hand with my left. Cute, yeah.
But I never knew how deadly...until last night.
I don't know WHAT he was dreaming about, but I woke up with stars in my eyes because he had suddenly jerked his right arm towards him and held it there, almost snapping my neck and cutting off oxygen flow to my brain. I seriously had pinpricks in the backs of my eyes from the speed at which he had put me in this headlock. I woke up and gurgled something like "GAH! ACK! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!" and he didn't move. I couldn't get him to let go. Finally I elbowed him in the side and he sort of rolled over.


So my husband dreams of strangling me.
Guess he doesn't like cleaning as much as I thought.

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  1. Anne Marie on May 21, 2008 at 3:15 PM

    I am totally with you on the cleanliness thing, I think that it is so different when you are married and it is your own house. Especially if people are coming over, I go crazy and want things to look perfect. I found that it is easier to keep up with things then let them go for a couple weeks and then have to clean or do laundry like a crazy person etc.
    Also having a dog makes it worse, I can never keep the floor or couch clean, there is always dog hair everywhere, and we even have a short haired dog. I could imagine having like a retriever or something!!!
    And for those said reasons above is why we do not have a cat, we are not really cat people. And we also crate Niles, but now that he is almost a year we have been keeping him in the kitchen and hallway at night, so he can walk around when he wants, but he always ends up going into his crate and going to sleep, we don't let him stay in the bedroom with us, we would never get any sleep, he wants to be on the bed and he is just too big..... you should just lay like a couple old towels in the bottom of it or something, then he won't be so loud when he is moving around.
    Sounds like Dan has some crazy dreams....haha! Chris has elbowed me in the head or face a couple times, now when he falls asleep or lays with his hands behind his head I get all freaked out, haha. Doesn't it feel good to be relieved from working at your salon? I seriously hated the one I worked at and I wasn't making enough money...and the people were mean but anyways, sorry for going on and on!.....ttyl!