if dreams were lightning & thunder was desire, this old house would have burnt down a long time ago.

i am deathly ill.

now, i have a tendency to exaggerate.
but this time, i'm serious.

if i don't beat this flu, i am going to lay down and let it beat me.

on saturday, we went up to our friends' place for a going away party, as our good friend scott is leaving on thursday for a 5 week stint doing volunteer work in south africa! he's going to love it. and i hope we take good care of his fiancee, terra, while he's gone.

the party was beautifully executed, complete with a tiki/safari type theme.
i loved everyone there.
the weather was perfect.
the food was amazing.
but i could not snap out of my funk.
i got some dayquil from terra but it didn't even dent my haze.

and then i had to leave to babysit miles.
thankfully, he went to bed about a half hour after i got there, and then i curled up under blankets to watch crappy nickelodeon tv and hoped to doze off and wake up having shaken the feeling of "blah".

but no, instead i got chills and body aches. i found a thermometer and took my temp every half hour.
i started at 100.2 and ended up at 102.9 by the time his parents came home.
they promptly put me in a car home, where i slammed a hot mug of theraflu made for me by husbear, and slept for 10 hours.
i woke up drenched in sweat, my skin nice and cool.
apparently my fever spiked and broke numerous times throughout the night, according to husbear who was keeping tabs on me every time he woke up.

on sunday, i moved to the couch.
and there i stayed, in my pjs, until it was time for bed.

husbear was such a dream.
he made my theraflu, he ordered me chinese food (upon my insistence that i could eat a whole meal. i couldn't. oh well). he ran down to the ice cream truck for a giant popsicle to soothe my throat. he rubbed my back. he let me watch all the movies i wanted. he even caught up on episodes of "i'm a celebrity, get me out of here!" with me.

he was the best, and he wins an award.

i was out for the night by 9:30, and at 10:30 he woke me up to move me to bed.
i then slept fitfully, unfortunately.
steve mcqueen kept stealing my covers, i kept waking up sweaty, and i had the WEIRDEST dreams of my life...one of them being that i couldnt remember where iw orked or who i worked for and i had to go door to door and look at different houses to see if they were where i was supposed to be. it was very unsettling, even if it sounds stupid.

and today i am at work, existing on purell for my hands and daytime theraflu for my body.

i hate hate hate not being able to kiss miles.

i think we'll spend the afternoon in the sunshine and see if some vitamin d will help me. worth a shot, right?

soon enough, i'll be able to wrap up in this beauty, made just for me by my beautiful cousin madison.
a little piece of home always helps when you're sick, don't you think?