if dreams were lightning & thunder was desire, this old house would have burnt down a long time ago.

last night husbear had a show.
but this was no rodinary show.
this was a brooklyn backyard show.
which, if you will scroll back a few entries, you will find are the kinds of shows i enjoy the most.

this one was 2 blocks from our apartment.
in fact, this one was in the backyard of the house husbear and i first lived in when we moved to new york (after a brief stint in park slope).
but it's different now than it was when we lived there.
the fellows who keep it now have done really beautiful things to it.
including creating a backyard venue where previously there was only shrubbery and weeds taller than me.
and as i am five feet ten inches tall, that is no minor thing.

so they cleared that all out, along with some questionable material found among the debris (as this house is located directly next to an abandoned building that has been infiltrated by the neighborhood crackheads. yikes.)and they built a patio. and a garden. and strung up christmas lights and lit tiki torches.
and it's just beautiful.
(i will have oh so many pictures tonight when husbear uploads them to my laptop!)

and then my husbear kept a pretty beat for those handsome gents of White Pines.
and then just Joe and Dave played a few songs from That's Him! That's the Guy! and i was yet again rendered breathless at their harmonies. until you hear it, you will never know quite how powerful they are, but seriously...you can't move. oh, i hope you hear them one day.

and then frontier ruckus played.
and it was astounding.
this is such a talented, wonderful group of artists.
and then it rained, and we all ran as fast as we could into the living room and crammed our bodies in tightly to hear them play a few more songs.
and then the rain stopped, and we ran back out into the yard for a few more.
and so many of their songs are about michigan, and i got a little homesick.
and then i looked around and realized how many of us michigan folk were gathered in the yard, in a brooklyn backyard, to hear beautiful music about our home, and it felt like home, too.

because it is.
home is where we are.

i have the best friends in the whole wide world.
we caused an urban ruckus last night. it was a really good night.