if dreams were lightning & thunder was desire, this old house would have burnt down a long time ago.

sometimes when i have a bad day, or month as the case may be, it helps me to make a list of the things that make me happy.

so here:

-the giant bowl of halloween candy next to the couch.
-takeout chinese for four bucks a person.
-a husband who does the dishes.
-the beautiful fall bouquet of autumn leaves and eucalyptus and cattails and wheat on our end table.
-my new patterned socks.
-the new rubber boots i have coming in the mail.
-feeling thinner than i have in years. 140 and holding steady. (thats 35 pounds since my college days. yee-ha!)
-peeling off nailpolish.
-watching episodes of six feet under.
-the popcorn i'm going to eat for dinner.
-the sight of the empire state building from my living room window.
-my midnight pomegranate candle.
-clean laundry. i don't have any, but it makes me happy when i do.
-a clean house. i don't have one, but it makes me happy when i do.
-the promise of weekend freedom. just two days away.
-a mug of tea, which i will have to accompany my popcorn for dinner.
-the way my dog sleeps on his back with his paws stretched all the way out, in between Dan and myself at night, even though he's "not allowed" on the bed.
-watching my stupid dog tries to catch leaves blowing in the wind with his teeth.
-this musician i just started listening to named greg laswell.
-being friends with my ex-fiancee's girlfriend. she is great. this makes me VERY happy.
-really delicious harmonies.
-knowing thanksgiving is just around the corner and that we get to host dinner for dan's mom and stepdad.
-pumpkin bread.

...there. that's better.