if dreams were lightning & thunder was desire, this old house would have burnt down a long time ago.

Today at work, we are teaching Miles the "cry it out" method of falling asleep for naptime.
It seems has has gotten wuiote used to be tightly swaddled and rocked to sleep with the tip of my pointer finger in his mouth. he does not take a pacifier of any sort, and does not suck his thumb.
this has unfortunately and frustratingly affected his ability to fall asleep in the middle of the night after waking himself up with a giant fart. (or toot, if you please.)

so right now, he is laying in his crib, staying oddly quiet, because it seems the sound of my typiong is soothing to him. this is the first time he has calmed himself in a half hour. so i'm just going ot keep on typing. about anything and everything.

today is going to be a very long day, i think.
i woke up this morning to my alarm, which seemed more blaring than usual, and it woke me from a very deep and comfortable sleep.
as i hurried to get ready, i noticed a funny smell coming from my purse, and figured i would inspect it on the subway on the way to work.
it seems my stipid terrible horrible b word of a cat peed in my purse. soaking everything, including my wallet.
what a rotten thing to do, in my opinion. see if she gets any wet food for a long, long time.
so the ride to work was decent, considering it was one of those mornings when dan's classes conincide with my work schedule and we get to ride into work together, holding hands. but when i kissed him goodbye at my stop and got off the train, i saw, much to my dismay, that the up escalator was out of order. the down was working perfectly, of course. but i do not need the down. i need the up. otherwise i havce to walk 5 flights of very steep stairs. which i had to do.
my legs were burning at the top. welcome to new york.

so i get to work, and find that i do not actually have tomorrow off. which really isnt a big deal, i just need to help mama with miles at the pediatrician's office, and i still get to sleep in. okay, i can handle this.

and then i remembered: to day is cry it out day. so he is doing that.
and i kind of want to, too.

...oh my word. he might be asleep.

he is.

now im going to go into the living room and think about everything good in my life, and turn this day right around.
i have no room in my life for negativity.