if dreams were lightning & thunder was desire, this old house would have burnt down a long time ago.

i just called customer service at Tiffany and they told me they have one ring left in stock at the New York store.
It's my size.
When it's sold, the ring is considered discontinued.

Tomorrow i'm going to go try it on.
Just because.
I deserve to wear it once before i wave goodbye to it.

i believe i'll have it one day, though it may not come to me in a Tiffany blue box.
i'll just keep the picture, and take it to a jeweler, and tell them to make one justlikeit.

but tomorrow i'm going to wear it for a minute and pretend it's all mine. if they let me, i'll even snap a picture for you.

it's a shame i don't have $6,000 lying around.

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  1. Laura on March 11, 2009 at 8:46 AM

    please try to take a picture!!!
    My sister used to work at Tiffany in NYC...too bad she is not there...she could get you a discount, or help you steal it!