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We got tagged by Mandi Haney to list 7 random facts about ourselves.
As Katie is the author of this blog, many of these will be about her. Ha.

1. I cannot pronounce "Project Runway" for the life of me. We love to watch the show. I hated Christian with a fervor, but he was a phenomenal designer. My personal favorite was Chris. He was such a darling. I want to be his friend in real life...I need that laugh! Anyway, every time I say "Project Runway" out loud, it comes out "project oneway" or "project runray" or similar. It's humiliating, really. Secretly glad the season is over. I hated having to say "ProjRun."

2. I can change the nastiest diaper or wipe the runniest nose without even a wince- but when my puppy has eye goobers, my stomach turns inside out and I find myself lunging for the nearest trash can to unleash my lunch in it. I ca't handle them at ALL. At Dan can remove them with BARE HANDS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Gross.

3. We have a current obsession for giant green olives stuffed with garlic cloves. We eat them like popcorn during movies. They're incredibly addicting, and wicked expensive if you buy them at the wrong place.

4. I have an affinity for zippers, buttons, laces, and other fasteners. I don't know when it started or where it came from, but I'm pretty sure I've always had it. Dan was just the first person to ever point it out. If I see any of these on him, I must change it's state. For example- if there is an unbuttoned button, i must button it. Or unbutton it, if buttoned. I have to unzip the zipped, tie the untied, etc. I don't even notice I do it until Dan grabs my hand and gives me The Look. That look that says "I love you but you're going to lose a finger if you don't leave my pocket alone." Yikes. What's my deal?

5. Our kitten was rescued from a woodshed in Dan's mom's backyard. She was abandoned by her litter, so she never learned appropriate cat behavior, such as meowing. She makes this weird bark-yelp sound when she sees birds or wants attention. It's a little like saying "RALP!" in a high pitched winy voice. She also sleep slike a person- on her back, hind legs spread out, front paws resting on her chest. What a kook. Steve the pup sleeps the same way. That wasn't really about us, but it was about our family.

6. Dan and I have this sickeningly cute system when one person is mad at the other. This is typically used in public when it becomes necessary to calm down because you can't just steam at each other all the way home. This also works when you've said something really stupid and you know you deserve to get yelled and and you're very sorry. We poke each other in the shoulder, and the one who gets poked is then REQUIRED BY MARITAL LAW to smooch the poker. Usually the poke is given with a puppy face or with the tongue sticking into the cheek like a little kid who knows they're in trouble. This works like a bandaid until we can get home to calmly discuss the issue at hand, and does wonders for bringing the other person to a more neutral state, making them more open to an apology or a little butt-kissing. Plus you can't help but laugh at the face the other person makes when they know they're in trouble.

7. My favorite thing in the world is when Dan dip-kisses me in the middle of the street. He gets compliments from the dudes on the curb or in shop windows, and I feel like a movie star. The envious glares from all surrounding women make me feel pretty awesome, too. I love being unashamedly in love.

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  1. timmy & erin on April 3, 2008 at 11:05 AM

    Christian is so fierce! ha! love Project Runway!

    also I am glad to see you have a blogger too!

    Yes we are still in Kansas, but we want to get back to Chicago!